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Mayweather vs Paul Fight

Mayweather once again is capitalizing on the momentum of boxing, but this time with Logan Paul (YouTube Star?). Mayweather is undefeated and his boxing style is “dancing” around the ring without getting hit. Exposing his punches and then retreating back and use the full ring to frustrate his opponents, a technique that has helped him have a record of 50-0.

I haven’t seen Paul fight (just the highlights), assuming that his height will help him get a punch on Mayweather is going to be a fight to see. A faster boxer (PacMan) wasn’t able to land a good punch on Mayweather, nor a conditioned MMA fighter (The Notorious) was able to last so many rounds before running out of gas and Mayweather taking advantage to win the fight via TKO. I am not sure if Paul will be able to last 12 rounds, unless they come into an agreement of less rounds but I doubt Mayweather would want that.

The fight is set for February 20, 2021 and of course via pay-per-view.

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