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VAR, what is good for?

The evolution of soccer has increased over the past couple of years… not too long ago (2012), the implementation of goal-line technology was a success. Eliminating the linesman or the referee’s error of calling goals incorrectly or not calling them at all when the ball pass the goal line. It was welcome for the most part due to the fact the game was not affected at all.

The implementation of video assistant referee (VAR) it has been a hit and a miss. We have seen international, premier league and UEFA champions league games and it’s not applied the same way across the game creating confusion on when it’s okay to review VAR and when is not. Perhaps soccer should adapt the “challenge review” like the National Football League (NFL) to give the coaches or teams a more comforting way of also using VAR and void the uncertainty of a call. VAR it’s a three year technology that hopefully it will be better use in the near future.

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